Enter The Frame

artist statement


Welcome to “Enter the Frame”! I’m Evan Kasle, a 20 year old artist from a small Massachusetts town, Danvers. I currently attend Columbia College Chicago. As both a practicing artist and curator of exhibitions, I have immersed myself with art at nearly every hour of the day. Through both of these paths within the art world, I have come to appreciate art in a way not many get the opportunity to experience. My artistic journey has highlighted the importance of art in the world, and fueled my desire to bring it to everyone any chance I get.

Experiencing art in any of it’s infinite forms has a powerful healing power. We are able to escape the troubles of our world, and as I like to put it, “enter the frame” into a new care-free dimension. Advancements in technology have provided previously unthinkable improvements to our lives, but we must not forget the coinciding negative consequences. We have been so bedazzled by the “improvements”, and flashy screens, we have become blind to hypnosis. It is now easier than ever for humankind to be manipulated and exploited. Those at the top of our society continue to chip away at the rest of us, and we do not seem to care. We have been put into a trance that we cannot awaken from. Art has the power to escape get us out of this sedation, and awaken our consciousness to what is really going on.

The access to nearly all of humankind has been utilized in this brainwashing process, but what if it was used to awaken us? The goal of Enter the Frame, and my artwork, is to do just that.

Although we have access to most of humanity, there is no hope in communicating with everyone if they can not understand. My mode of communication within my art is utilizing the human brain’s wiring. By utilizing the human form as a “language” the message can have a much stronger impact, unbound by any language. The human mind has the natural ability to recognize other humans, no matter how abstract the form may be. This is due to a phenomenon known as “pareidolia”.

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 17.44.39.png

“Pareidolia” is responsible for our mind seeing faces or rabbits in clouds, making out images within Rorschach Test ink blots, and many other common occurrences. Our evolutionary advantage to spot out other humans can be used to our advantage. This trait is not discriminate and holds no biases. People of all countries, religions, ages, or any other division will be able to “read” this language of human form. Bringing this universal language to as many people as possible will begin to unravel this hypnosis. We will no longer be divided by our ethnicity, religions, sexuality, political alignments, or any other of these distractions. We must realize that at the end of the day we are all human, no more, no less. Now is the time to act, before generations to come fall into this trap without even realizing.

The ability to spread this universal language is strengthened by my two paths of being an artist and curator. My goal is to bring immersive art experiences to as many as possible. Although the art world has historically been elitist and selective of those given opportunities, I would like to change that. Collaborating with living artists and art-world professionals is the best way to achieve my aspiration. We must bring the universal language of art to all of humanity, and snap out of this hypnosis. Only then, will we begin to see the world improve not only for those in power, but for everyone. 

Special thank you to Olivia VanCampen and Donovan Sweeney for all of the wonderful photography and help along this artistic journey.